Welcome to Squish!

Babywearing Education is not a new thing.  Women have been passing down techniques for wearing their children for generations in all cultures.  As long as women have been having babies, they have been wearing them in some fashion.  Anthropological evidence is difficult to find, as fabrics break down long before bones and other permanent items - however, through history evidence has shown that women kept their babies close and safe in many fashions and with various techniques.

Squish is about our soft little babes being held closely and safely close to our hearts and where it counts.  Squish is there to help you learn about the why and come accustomed to the how.  As with anything these days (related to children), the practice evolves, changes, and moves with the times.  Let someone who is versed and immersed in the culture help to guide you through the times and into the new, the hip, and the appropriate!

Squish is all about keeping your baby happy, healthy, and safe!  Babywearing has many implications for breastfeeding and normal development.  There is a reason why history doesn't point to non-sustainable baby products - women through the ages carried and wore their babies.