Babywearing Consultations

The Initial

Welcome! You're convinced, you've got the itch to buy that carrier or have been gifted a lovely contraption that you have no idea how to use.  Or, you're ready to throw it out the window and want to renew your faith in your lovely carrier.

What happens at a consultation?  Squish will bring out a selection of basic carriers depending on the age of your baby, or a specific carrier of your request.  You can also have your existing carriers ready to go if you need to learn how to use them.  Squish may also bring multimedia/technology out as well as a variety of other resources to help guide the consultation.

Prior to the consultation, please think about what you'd like to cover or choose from the list below.  You can book a maximum of two hours for your initial consultation, if you have several questions.

- How to choose a carrier
- Considerations for babywearing
- Logistics of babywearing (ie.  How do I facilitate and arrange my day with my baby on me?  Weather appropriate wearing?  One or more small children?  Carrying a diaper bag?  Managing a stroller?  Exercise?)
- Multiple users for one or more items
- Babywearing on a budget
- Renewing the Squish love (ie. my babywearing days are numbered if I don't like what I've got or figure something out)
- One specific carry that I want to master
- Special circumstances (disabilities, pregnancy, health issues, etc)


The second or more consultation may be a continuation of the first, or to add to what was covered the first time.  Maybe you wanted to do the consultation in pregnancy and now that baby is here you need to be fitted.  Whatever your reasons, a second consultation is welcome!

The Second

Once you've had your initial consultation, purchased a wrap from your favorite retailer or online, or are dealing with a unique challenge - invite Squish out for a second consult!  Reasons why a second consult may be:

- Learning how to deal with common issues like - leg straightening babies, babies who are reluctant to be worn
- Is your carrier causing you discomfort? 
- Time for the next carrier!

Whatever your reason, Squish can come out again and work through the challenges with you!