Babywearing Education Presentations

Squish is also here to provide education to health care professionals, groups of mothers or interested parties, and retailers.

Your educational discussion can be customized to your needs, or can be a general discussion about babywearing. It can be presented in discussion, with teaching aides (Power Point), and with demonstrations. Squish will bring a variety of carriers or work with your products.

*Due to safety considerations and in keeping with appropriateness, Squish will not exclusively promote any one business, although if you carry a product and it suits the needs of the client, Squish will send them your way. Squish will not endorse your product if it has been recalled. There are no product endorsements on board at Squish - all carriers have been purchased in good used condition in order to demonstrate flaws and what a well used carrier can do in it's prime.*

BABYWEARING 101 and 102

If you are a member of the public, or looking for information regarding babywearing, these two sessions are for you.

101 - types of carriers, why societies have worn babies, basic physiological concerns for the wearer and the newborn, basic carries for each carrier

102 - how to choose a carrier, historically speaking about babywearing, controversial positioning, marketing and safety


If you are working in a profession where you are working with parents, you may benefit from having knowledge of babywearing. Chiropractors, family physicians, nurses, massage therapists, and beyond could all benefit from a little bit of knowledge about babywearing. Considerations include protecting the core and lower back, supporting the shoulders, the implications of breastfeeding, and the newborn spinal development.

The presentation will be around two hours in total and will include the following:

-types of carriers and a quick explanation of each, including unrecommended carrier styles
-the physiological concerns of the newborn and the babywearer
-implications to breastfeeding and growth and development
-how to teach your clientele about babywearing
-the effects of marketing on the child rearing industry
-how to help low income mothers wear their newborns on the cheap


If you work in the area of birth, there is definite implications for wearing newborns. Doulas and other birth professionals will benefit from this quick and crisp session.

-how to promote babywearing to new parents
-birth work, breastfeeding, and babywearing - how they collide and why
-historically speaking - how did birth intermingle with babywearing
-using a sling, carrier, and a wrap in post partum work
-quick and dirty - how to help your client use their carrier


With the worlds of business and advice colliding, you never know what the future holds for your staff and a new parent asking for more than what is in the package. With more women turning to the online world for support and more people asking for advice - you, as a retailer, are put on the spot. Whether you sell carriers or are fielding questions from the customer, this is the presentation for you.

-looking at your products - how to work with physiological norms and the construction of your carriers
-common questions about carriers
-resources for the retailer - the BCIA and you
-helping families decide on an appliance that works best for them


If you have the desire and the need to build your own private educational seminar, Squish is available to help you figure it out.  If you require references, evidence based research, and any other custom work - we will work on it together.  Topics may include:

-history of babywearing
-evidence based babywearing
-attachment parenting
-lactation information (Squish works with Kim Smith, IBCLC)
-special medical concerns and babywearing
-recalled carriers