Squish Babywearing - Fall/Winter 2012

Welcome to Squish Babywearing Education!

Fall is here, and so are the days when our female brains are concocting recipes with pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and preserving our harvest!  Or, if you're more like me, you look forward to eating other people's creations and pretending I want to cook something!

My squish is now 15 months old.  We are going through a definite dry spell right now with wearing - he's not really a baby right now.  He is exploring his surroundings and becoming more and more curious every day.  Time sure does fly!  I find myself reminiscing about the newborn days, and particularly in the fall, about pregnancy.

Being pregnant and preparing for babywearing is something I've experienced twice.  The first time, I just let my senses guide me to what was pretty and shiny!  Looking back, my choices would have been not bad.  Now, if I were to be pregnant, this is what I would buy (if money was no issue)

Ring Sling - I would still, today, go out and buy a Maya Wrap.  Honorable mention goes to Sleeping Baby Productions and their woven wrap sling conversions.  Some people are really into rainbows right now - it depends on my mood, but I prefer patterns or stripes (complimentary colors or contrasting) to rainbows.  Go Maya Wrap go!

Mei Tie - Freehand makes a really cool Mei Tie.  I haven't tried one yet with my own babies, but I really like them.  Still love my BH (Baby Hawk).

Woven Wrap - I admit I am smitten with Didymos, just about anything, but I still wish to own a size 7 Indio in a crazy blue or green!  I may yet!  I'm UppyMama curious, because of the Canadian made uber status (I admit that the unicorn hair stuff is SUPER annoying, considering in the end, I can use a $5 piece of fabric to do the same job).

Squish Projects!

I'm working on some volunteering - it's frustrating, I'm back at work full time - so, it's busy!  I will see some of you at Welcome Wagon this weekend.  I am still available for booking evenings and weekends, and some Fridays during the day.

Ciao for now!